Thursday, July 17, 2008

I get blocked for calling a grown man a punk and a bully.

But I get this all the time:

From "Here you go, you bastard. It's SHAMEFUL to even being of the same species as you, you ignorant, racist prick. People like you are no better than terrorists themselves, spreading hate and fear against a whole culture just because a small group of extremists hurt your country and CLAIMED they did it in Allah's name."

From"Please have another heaart attach"

From"until I saw what a morally defunct and politically regressive retard you are.

To be continued.


An idiot reviews me with this;
this is about as white trash an image that one can find without a dale earnhardt logo on it. that tornado of american fury will sure teach those camel jockeys a lesson or two for having land with oil under it!
your blog sucks closeted republican cocks in seedy roadside restrooms is great, in a tiny penis compensation sort of way. i'm impressed with your ability to use a thesaurus!

Just for kicks, I passed this tidbit to SU. Bet he doesn't get banned.

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