Friday, August 1, 2008

We have VICTORY in Iraq

Soon we can begin to bring our valiant warriors home. They deserve parades and honor from every one of us, and apologies from some of you, and you know who you are.
It is time to focus on the next battlefront-Afghanistan.
Afghanistan was the first field of battle after 9-11, but we switched to Iraq, in what history will call one of the most shrewd military decisions ever. Fighting in Iraq drew the jihadis there in droves where they were promptly escorted to hell by our unbeatable fighting forces.
The key to Afghanistan is not to copy the "surge" model that worked so well in Iraq. Moving the 4th ID with tanks, Strikers and Bradley Fighting vehicles just won't do in the mountains of Afghanistan. Even without an air force the terrorists can command the skies by shooting down from towering mountains. This is a war better suited to marines and special forces, who can draw upon cobras and ospreys. Fine, the marines are there and doing very well, we need to get better co-operation from our NATO allies. Each of our partners has special forces troops they can send in. Some are doing well, Britain and France come quickly to mind. But others, like Germany are failing miserably.
I expect a large performance boost from some of the laggards as soon as General Petraeus takes overall command.

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