Thursday, November 19, 2009

How Obama Lost the War on Terror

On September 11, 2001, nine months into the Bush presidency, nineteen murderous jihadis killed almost three thousand innocent citizens on American soil.
President Bush reacted in a manly and forceful manor. He invaded Afghanistan and evicted the Taliban, thereby allowing for Afghanistan's very first freely elected government. He followed that up by invading Iraq and setting up a free democracy which led to the hanging of the other Hussein.

It is eleven months into the Obama presidency and another Jihad attack occurred on American soil. This time the attacker was a Major in the US Army, but more to the point, he was a Jihadi sleeper agent. The Radical Islamists with whom we are at war, decided to check the fortitude of the new president. They checked and he flinched. Obama refused to call this attack an act of war. He refused to get excited about it. He has shown no manly attitude toward making the Jihadis pay.

Instead, Obama is trying to pretend that it was the act of a lone nut who coincidentally happens to be a Muslim. Not that this had any bearing on the attack...Oh no. It was merely coincidental that he was shouting Allou Akbar as he shot unarmed men and women. Obama says "we shouldn't "Jump to conclusions" about Major Hasans' religion.

It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that after 9-11, President Bush kept us 100% safe from further attack and President Obama failed to do the same...could it?

Rolling over and showing his yellow belly to the enemy is the exact moment in history that Barack Hussein Obama lost the global War On Terror.

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