Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tuesday...Strike Two

Tuesday Iraqi citizens turned on al Quaeda terrorist who had fled into a Mosque for saftey. The citizens stormed the Mosque, ousted the terrorists and reported them to Coalition forces.
From MNF-Iraq:
Fed up with violent and indiscriminate terror tactics, a group of more than 80 residents of the Adhamiyah district, on the east side of the Iraqi capital, banded together Sunday to oust suspected terrorists from a local mosque.
The uprising led to a string of events over the next 12 hours that ultimately resulted in the arrest of 44 suspected terrorists and the capture of three weapons caches.
The initial takeover of the Abu Hanifa Mosque occurred at about 2 p.m., apparently triggered by news that terrorists had murdered two relatives of a prominent local sheik. As the news spread, angry residents joined the sheik to storm the mosque, long believed to be a sanctuary for terrorists operating in the area, and ousted the suspected terrorists inside from the building.

That's strike two.

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