Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesday...Strike Three!

Today American and Coalition forces Forces successfully conducted an operation targeting the al-Qaeda emir of the section of Baghdad, who has directed deadly car bomb attacks in the city.
From the MNF-Iraq:
BAGHDAD — Coalition forces killed eight terrorists and detained 14 suspected terrorists during coordinated operations targeting a senior al-Qaeda leader west of Tarmiyah over the past two days.
Forces conducted an operation yesterday targeting the al-Qaeda emir of the northern belts around Baghdad, who is associated with deadly car bomb attacks in the city.
Surveillance indicated the senior leader and his associates had entered a building in a remote area. Coalition forces declared the target hostile and called in an air strike. Secondary explosions ignited after the initial strike, indicating there were explosives inside. Forces assess five terrorists were killed in the strike.
When ground forces approached the site to assess damage, a terrorist engaged them with small-arms fire. Countering in self-defense, forces returned fire and killed the armed man. The ground forces resumed their approach to the building but discovered multiple fighting positions, heavy machine guns, booby traps and vehicles wired with explosives. Coalition forces evacuated the area and called in air assets to destroy the enemy weapons.
Acting on intelligence gained from yesterday’s operation, Coalition forces conducted additional coordinated raids in the area this morning. During the first of those, forces used explosives to breach a door and enter a targeted building. A woman standing behind the door was killed in the explosion. Iraqis on the scene told Coalition forces her husband had told her to block the door from the Americans.
As ground forces secured the building, one man was discovered concealing himself in another room, armed with grenades and a rifle aimed at the assault force. Coalition forces engaged the armed man and killed him. As they secured additional buildings on the scene, a man rushed to a window and attempted to pull a rifle from behind the curtains. Forces reacted to the hostile threat by engaging the man and killing him.
During a raid on another building, ground forces brought the occupants of a building outside to secure the area. One man, after previously being compliant, turned and rushed back into the building. Coalition forces, perceiving a hostile threat, engaged the man and wounded him. He was treated on site and taken to a military medical facility for further treatment. He and six other suspected terrorists were detained during the raid.
Coalition forces detained three more suspected terrorists during raids on four more buildings in the area.
"Taking down the bombing network in Baghdad is a top priority for us," said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, a Multi-National Force-Iraq spokesman. "We will continue targeting the leaders who coordinate and execute murderous attacks on the Iraqi people."

All of this leads me to two questions;
First, I wonder what Harry Reid has to say about all this. Are we still "losing"?
Second, How's your blood pressure today Harry? Through the roof? Better take a couple days off and let it settle.

Strike Three...Your out! al Queda is in it's death throws.

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