Friday, October 24, 2008

OK Obama, Lets See You Spread Your Wealth Around

An open letter to Senator Obama,

Dear Senator Obama,
Sir, we have all heard your comment that when you spread the wealth around, you think that's a good thing. OK, fine, let's look at that a bit shall we?

First and foremost, you sir, made a lot of money in the last couple years writing books among other things. I, sir have no money. Therefore, won't you give me a few Grand out of your own pocket? No... I suppose you won't.
Next, I wonder, if a middle class schmo like Joe the Plumber or Sparker911 the Mechanic have to give up our money to people poorer than we, does that mean you and your Hollywood millionaire pals have to give up your money to us? Somehow, I doubt that too.
What really frosted my cashews is that you, dear comrade, want to decide exactly who Joe the Plumber donates his money to. You cannot trust Joe or I to donate to the "right people".

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