Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who Else Doesn't Obama Know is a Scumbag?

Although the American Mainstream Press is doing it's very best not to investigate Barack Hussein Obamas past, things keep popping up which are difficult to explain.

For example, Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. A blatant and obvious America hater and bigot. Obama sat in his pews for 20 years. When the racist and seditious rantings became public, Obama declared I never knew he was a scumbag.

The idiot, anti-white, white boy, Reverend Michael Phelger, who has been Obamas conduit to the insane, racist Louis Farrakhan pops up on the public radar and Obama quickly claims that I never knew he was a scumbag.

Next we find out about Rashid Khalidi. Khalidi is a former spokesman for the terrorist PLO. His group Arab American Action Network, was funded by the Woods Foundation, on whose board of directors, Obama sat. After this association became known, Obama declaired, say it with me now...I never knew he was a scumbag.

Then we have the celebrity terrorist university professor and political mentor of Obama, Bill Ayres. An avowed America hater. A bomber, (but not brave enough to be a suicide bomber) of police stations and federal buildings. When the curtain is lifted on their association, Obama sings the same refrain, I never knew he was a scumbag.

Who is the next scumbag to be outed and find out Obama never knew him, or her.

Add ACORN to the list of Scumbags.

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