Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh The Sweet Irony

Andrew Waldon from Frontpage Mag has the following tid bits in his collumn.

After fighting erupted with their fellow Palestinian group Hamas, Gaza fighters for the Fatah faction of the PLO went running for protection to the Israeli border...

Reality has a way of forcing the truth out into the open. After decades of terrorist war against Israel, Gazans know they are better off begging Israel for admission rather than facing the reality of Iranian-backed Hamas’ Islamist rule. About 700 meters behind them is a hastily-built Hamas checkpoint, where Hamas terrorists—now ruling over Gaza—wave away late-comers and await any Fatah terrorists who give up hope. On June 20, Israeli tanks moved to positions at the Gaza end of the corridor to forestall any Hamas bloodbath.

The only draw-back to this almost hillarious farce is what he included near the end of his artical;

Failed ex-President Jimmy Carter and Democrat presidential wannabe Dennis Kucinich have answered Hamas’ call. They agree that the Hamas takeover is connected to the cut-off of funding to the PA. In response they have joined calls by Hawaii Rep. Neil Abercrombie for American funding of Islamist terror.

I tell ya, Birds of a Feather.

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