Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a Glorious Day!

Congratulations to the Victorious American People.

Today the American people convinced the Senate to ditch the Comprehensive Amnesty Bill. I got a perverse enjoyment in watching the self righteous Grand Schemers squirm while they got a reminder of just who really runs things in this country. It was obvious how little they enjoyed the lesson. I wonder how much scotch, or more likely tequila, the senior senator from Mexachusetts
will need to get through this defeat.
Americans flooded the phone lines, filled email in boxes to overflowing, burned up the phone lines and bent ears into unrecognizable shapes as they let their representatives in the Upper Chambers now that the Silent Majority has gained its voice. With a resounding shout from coast to coast citizens paraphrased Ronald Wilson Reagan's' famous line, "Mr. Blabbermouth, Put Up This Wall!"
God it feels good to be an American.

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