Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oops! AP's bias is showing.

In stunning bit of (non) objective "journalism" today, HAMID AHMED from the Associated (with the enemy) Press filed this future Pulitzer Prize winner.

Notice that almost all of the claims and assertions made by Americans are refuted
by Iraqis or are challenged by quotation marks.

"The U.S. military said it conducted two pre-dawn raids in Sadr City,
Baghdad's largest Shiite slum, killing 26 "terrorists" who attacked
U.S. troops with small arms fire, rocket-propelled grenades and
roadside bombs."

The use of the quotation marks is liberal code for "Uh huh, sure they
were". Meanwhile those trustworthy Iraqis are so apparently incapable
of dishonesty they neither require the quotation marks nor even names
attributed to their comments.

"But Iraqi police and hospital officials said all the dead were civilians
killed in their homes...
(t)he Iraqi officials, who spoke on condition of
anonymity out of security concerns, put the death toll at eight, with
20 wounded.

And this paragon of virtue and courage,

One resident who goes by the nickname of Um Ahmed, or "mother
of Ahmed," stood outside her home as mourners passed by. "We are
being hit while we are peacefully sleeping in our houses. Is that fair?"
she cried. The woman gave only her nickname, fearing reprisal."

How many innocent "mothers" have street names? Note the honorific
"mother", could we make her a more sympathetic character? I bet he
invented her.

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