Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daliobama Meltdown

Senator Obama has been on a crash since his mistake in Germany.
The man has no experience. Zip..Zero...Nada. He brings nothing to the table except the fact that he is, or was, new. He was change. He was not necessarily a positive change, but he could still lay a claim to change.
Then he makes a mistake and chooses Joe (Slow Joe) Biden for a running mate and cripples his message for change. While I'm on the subject of Slow Joe, has anyone heard the word gravitas this year?
The millisecond Gov. Palin was nominated, the mantle of "Change" was transferred to her. Sen. Obama now has nothing, indeed, less than nothing.
I believe his desperation led him to use the smear "You can dress up a pig...". I do not think for a moment that it was an accident. It was disguised as a slam at Sen McCain's campaign, but almost nothing is unscripted at this level of competition. You could see in Sen. Obama's face and in the crowds reaction, that they all knew. They knew
I repeat...Mr. Obama is on a crash. I would love to play poker with him. I'd take all his money in no time.

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