Saturday, September 13, 2008

Silly Charlie..Tricks Are For Kids

ABS's own Charlie Gibson comes out of the chute with the first sit down interview of Sarah Palin since her nomination to be vice president.
He steps on his own hoo-ha and is now the worst anchor in network news.
I watched the interview on the west coast after having already read the transcript from the east coast broadcast. I was surprised to find parts edited out. The parts where Charlie lied, or more exactly, where he chopped Gov. Palins quotes up to fit into his gotcha game. Unless, he was amateurish enough to skip his due diligence in fact checking and just took a lefty blogs word for the quote.
In my day, there was an expression for this king of "journalism". The expression was "Yellow Sheet Journalism"

You can see some of the attempted butchery here.

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