Sunday, September 14, 2008

Next Time Millions Might Die

The Messiah of the left, Senator Barrack Hussein Obama, stated that he "pushed the wrong button", an incredible six times when trying to explain how he voted in such a way as to offend the radical left-wing of his party. Now, just how difficult is this? Red means 'no', green means 'yes', yellow means 'I can't make up my mind'.

Imagine this scenario:

Newly elected president Obama receives the dreaded 3:00 phone call. The Russians have invaded European neighbors allied with NATO. The rookie president intends to move the US into a higher DEFCON level, but he hits the wrong button again and launches nuclear ICBMs racing toward Russia.
The Obama campaign mocks Senator McCain for being a technophobe who doesn't know how to even email, yet the ubertech, Gen-x, Junior Senator from Illinois can't hit the right one of three buttons when leisurely casting a vote in the state Senate. He says he accidentally pushed the wrong button six times!
I sincerely hope he never gets within a country mile of the nuclear button.


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