Tuesday, July 3, 2007


CARVER Elementary School in Oak Park, near San Diego, Ca.
has become involved in a controversy regarding school prayer.
It seems that the school is bucking the modern trend which
disallows prayer in school. Before you get to excited, you need
to know that it is not for everyone. The school apparently only
extends this courtesy to Muslims. Christians and Jews need
not apply.

From the article;

"...critics continue to assail Carver for providing a 15-minute
break in the classroom each afternoon to accommodate Muslim
students who wish to pray."

The best part;
"In a letter, the(Christian) religious-rights organization urged the district to broaden its accommodations to Christians and Jews by setting aside separate classrooms for daily prayer and to permit rabbis, priests and other religious figures to lead children in worship on campuses."

But of course;
"A lawyer representing the district said those ideas would violate the Constitution's prohibition against government establishment of religion."

Notably absent from the fracas is Americas Guarantors of Separation of Church and State, the vaunted and mighty American Civil Liberties Union. How loud would they be if it was Christians and not Muslims praying in the school. I suppose they think prayer beads are more dangerous than a suicide vest.

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