Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Iraq Victories

More signs of Victory in Iraq that won't make the Main Stream Media.
From the MNF Iraq-

KHALIS — Approximately 75 tribal sheiks and local leaders gathered at the Iraqi Army Headquarters in Khalis, Iraq, to discuss grievances between tribes, determine solutions for security and services, and unite to defeat al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations in the Khalis area.
“Here, right now, I am denouncing the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Qaida,” said another sheik who later swore on the Quran to uphold the conditions of the peace agreement.
Some conditions of the agreement include cooperating with the ISF, stopping tribal conflicts such as kidnappings and murders, reporting and removing improvised explosive devices, assisting in recruiting for ISF, dissolving illegal militias, and solving disputes between tribes through local meetings with the government and other tribal sheiks.
After the meeting, the sheiks enjoyed a feast and agreed to meet in the near future to continue their efforts at uniting and solving the issues of their people.
Iraqis are like a lot of people in that they will side with the winner. They just need to know who the winner will be. Until then they will sit on the sidelines and watch their own country spiral down into a pit of violence and poverty. It seems that they are being convinced that the good guys are winning.

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