Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Villarigosa Booed at the Beckham Coronation

Hahahaha. This idiot deserves to be booed.
Antonio Villarigosa is a world class idiot and a media whore. His most recent scandal involves adultery and lying to the public.
The mayor, formerly named Antonio Villa, changed his name to include his wifes name Ragosa as a penance for an earlier foray into adultery. I cannot hear the elongated version of his name without being reminded that he is an oath breaking adulterer.
In the latest scandal the mayor has been cheating on his wife Katrina with a Spanish language TV reporter from Telemundo named, Mirthala Salinas. Villaraigosa reiterated that his relationship with Mirthala Salinas is a personal matter and he appealed for privacy.
The mayor admits to a nine month relationship with Salinas, however people have seen him skulking around her apartment for 2 years. The reason for the 9 months admission is because Salinas was removed from her Telemundo position of covering the mayor 9 months ago.
Apparently Los Angeles Democrats are more shocked that a reporter would sleep with her subject than that a mayor would cheat on his wife with one of his.

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