Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Birchers Have Gone Bananas

I used to wonder why the John Birch Society never made it out of the trailer parks. Now I know why. The dim bulb president of the Birchers, John F. Mcmanus, not to be confused with the terrific writer, Patric F. Mcmanus, writes in the JBS website that Dick Cheney is a Svengali/Darth Vader morph who convinced Presidents Bush 41 and 43 to attack and invade Iraq for undisclosed but supposedly discredited reasons.

Ok, Mr John F Mcmanus et al; the real reasons why we are in Iraq are the same reasons why we are in Afghanistan, and there are three of them.
  1. To have a presence in the Middle East to stabilize the region and to defend Israel.
  2. The United States was dis-invited from the Saudi Arabian kingdom by our supposed friends.
  3. (To fully understand this one, I have included a map) The United States is now in control of 2485 km of Iranian border. 935 km in the east, along the Afghan/Iraq border and 14450 in the west along Iraq/Iran's' border. We have control of about 1,100,000 sq km in the region now. Not to mention the NATO ally Turkey's border in the north, or the 3 to 4 carrier groups in the Persian Gulf.

So you see the real reason we are in Iraq is as plain as the map on the table. It is not about is about IRAN. Nobody cares about Iraq. Those messed up people were in a mess of their own making. Whatever happens over there, their situation cannot be worse than what they had. A vicious dictator and constant war with Iran, Kuait and the UN.

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